Mahira Khan Diagnosed With Serious Mental Illness


Mahira Khan is the sweetheart of the nation. She started her career as a VJ and later transitioned to acting with Bol and HumsMahira Khan is now a global star and she is loved by millions all over the world. Mahira has worked in Pakistan as well as in Bollywood and the starlet has represented Pakistan on many platforms.
Mahira Khan just gave an interview to Frieha Altaf for her podcast FWhy and she was candid and shared all the struggles she has seen in her life. Mahira Kahn also revealed that she is suffering from Manic depression. After what went down as Raees was getting released and that picture with Ranbir Kapoor released, Mahira Khan was trolled, threatened and criticized from both sides of the border. That is when she had a full blown episode and she has to go on medicines to get better. She shared that the first time she got such a big panic attack that she fainted.
Here is what went down with mahira’s medical condition. She is still on medicine and she has found a good therapist who has helped her move forward:
This is the first time that Mahira Khan has shared her condition with the world although she has been fighting this for 7 years now. She said that she knows this will become news but she is talking about this so people know that things can better, help can be sought and she wants others who are going through the same to know that treatments are there.