Maryam Aurangzeb remarks for PM are highly condemnable, says Buzdar


In a statement, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar said that misbehavior is a habit of PML-N and its just like thieves making noise.
He strongly condemned rude remarks of Maryam Aurangzeb regarding PM Imran Khan and urged that she should apologies for that.
Buzdar held that rude remarks were also used for late Benazir Bhutto in the past and by demonstrating this low level of morality again Maryam Aurangzeb hurt every Pakistani.
Buzdar further said by doing this they have proved that there is no room for ethical, political and democratic values in PML-N.
Any polite and dignified person cannot use these kind of words. Condition of PML-N is just like thieves making noise.
PM Imran Khan is leader of millions of Pakistanis and people love Imran Khan.