6th September is a day of reckoning in our nation’s history. It was a day when the entire Pakistani nation and its armed forces stood against the armed aggression and defeated the designs of a numerically superior adversary displaying unmatched courage and valour. Daring raid by Pakistan Navy Warships on Dwarka and bottling up of entire Indian Navy Fleet by PN Submarine GHAZI are the glorious chapters of our military history. We commemorate this day to pay tributes to our Shuhada and Ghazis whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill in us a renewed spirit and unabating resolve.
We as a nation have been tested on numerous occasions whether on account of aggression from across the border or by extremist elements. We can only withstand such challenges if we imbibe the spirit of Quaid’s golden principles of Unity, Faith and Discipline as our social, moral and religious moorings.
Pakistan is blessed with over 1000 KMs long coastline and an Exclusive Economic Zone and extended Continental Shelf having an area of 290,000 Sq KMs. This can be rightly termed as a ‘Maritime Province’ in its own right. This area with a reservoir of sea food and natural resources is a national asset which requires secure environment for contributing to national economy. Ensuring maritime security in the area is vital to maintaining free flow of trade through the sea lanes, which are our jugular vein.
Pakistan Navy contributes effectively to the overall deterrence and national security. In view of the game-changing development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor with Gwadar port as its ‘pivot and enabler’, maritime security all along our coast especially off Gwadar has assumed greater significance. Pakistan Navy is determined and vigilant to safeguard against any conventional or asymmetric threat to Pakistani ports and maritime infrastructure with special focus on seaward security of Gwadar given the national importance of CPEC project.
Pakistan Navy is resolute in its commitment to continue with our national effort in the National Action Plan and Operation Zarb-e-Azb in synergy with our security forces both ashore and along our maritime frontiers. In the face of multiple maritime challenges, we have forged a strong partnership with the international community to combat common challenges such as maritime terrorism, piracy and organized crime.
The evolving tactics and strategy of the amorphous enemy demand alertness, adept handling and a coherent approach.
This day demands from us that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our countrymen and be ready to sacrifice our today for a brighter and better tomorrow. Let us renew our pledge that the defence of our homeland shall reign supreme and we shall leave no stone unturned in making Pakistan’s defence impregnable.
May Allah guide us and give us strength to redeem ourselves with pride.
Pakistan Navy Zindabad
Pakistan Paindabad.