1. The Defence Day of Pakistan is a defining moment in our history which reminds us of the unprecedented national unity and valour of our heroes. On this historic occasion, the aggressor challenged the very existence of a peaceful but resolute state, little knowing about our courage, matchless spirit of sacrifice and indomitable will to fight. With united response, the people of Pakistan and its Armed Forces took the gauntlet and routed the numerically greater and technologically superior enemy – a success that stunned the entire world.

2. While commemorating this great day of national pride, we remember the extraordinary achievements of our heroes and pay them glowing tributes for their ultimate sacrifices. No doubt, there is no greater gift than life itself and no greater than those who sacrifice it for motherland. Such was their resolve and motivation
to defend. We owe our heroes an eternal debt of gratitude for what they have done for us. Indeed, they sacrificed their today for our tomorrow.
The whole nation salutes them for their supreme sacrifices and stands by their armed forces. Certainly, no other nation has paid such a heavy price as the people of Pakistan to live with dignity in freedom.
3. My Dear Countrymen! I am glad that our ancestral spirit of patriotism and undying passion for sacrifice is still alive and runs in our blood.
Our sacrifices and successes in Operation Zarb-e-Azb are a testimony to this fact. Pakistan Air Force, in synergy with sister services, has played a vital role in eliminating the menace
of terrorism and restoration of peace in the country. I hope that on the strength of our national cohesion, we can surmount every challenge; be it wars or natural calamities. I assure you that Pakistan Air Force is fully capable to defend the aerial frontiers
of our sacred motherland. On this occasion‚ let us reiterate our commitment
to safeguard our independence and integrity. May Allah Almighty give us strength and guide our efforts to defend our country in keeping with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan (Aameen).