More int’l aid to relieve flood affected: PM


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said Friday Pakistan looked forward to getting more international aid to continue its flood relief efforts across country.
In an interview with Bloomberg Friday, the prime minister said massive floods compelled Pakistan to move backwards economically. “Unless we get substantial relief how can the world expect from us to stand on our own feet? It is simply impossible.” Shehbaz Sharif was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.
During the interview, the prime minister said 1500 people including 400 children were killed by the recent calamity. He said the United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres also visited flood-affected areas and witnessed himself the devastation caused by floods. “God forbid this happens, all hell will break,” the Prime Minister said, according to Bloomberg.
“I need to put our economy back on trail. I need to put our millions of people back in the rooms, busy again with the ordinary life in agriculture, in industry and getting jobs back,” he said.
“Time is running, and we’re racing against time,” he added. “Please help us avoiding this disaster.”