Muhammad Bakhtiar successfully defended his Ph.D research thesis


Peshawar: Former Senior Provincial Bureaucrat Former Deputy Commissioner Lucky Marwat DG Culture & Tourism Former DGP & D Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Grade 20 Officer Muhammad Bakhtiar Khan on the topic “Financial Decentralization and Public Services Delivery Implications of the 7th NFC Award”. Successfully defended the PhD Economics thesis from the University of Peshawar with the timely support of the supervisor Prof. Dr. Zalakt Khan, the technical guidance of Prof. Dr. Waseem Shahid Malik and the moral support and guidance of Prof. Dr. Naila Nazir, the chairperson of the Department of Economics, University of Peshawar. Made it possible. Defending the successful thesis on the impact of the 7th NFC Award on public service delivery, he collected data from different locations and analyzed the data in different ways and obtained results that were good. Presented in a manner, these results will play a role in planning and making policies for the central and provincial governments in the future. Defending the paper, Dr. Muhammad Bakhtiar Khan said that this type of research is very important, which makes the results, disadvantages and benefits of government policies clear. Our Correspondent