Police action on land dispute between two tribes in Waziristan, Section 144 imposed, evacuated the fronts


Zardad wazir
Lower Waziristan In recent days, Shakai Bala Pathar, an area located in South Waziristan Lower and Upper, had intensified at that time between two tribes, Sperkai and Nano Khel, over the land ownership dispute.
When the Jirga between the two clans failed, after which the people of the two clans took sides against each other.
Due to which there was not only a disturbance in law and order but also a serious risk of bloodshed, after receiving the information, DPO South Waziristan Lower Farmanullah and Upper DPO Malik Habib Khan immediately took action and issued special instructions to DSP Wana Circle Amin Wazir and DSP Ladha Hidayatullah Khan to take action.
On the other hand, section 144 was imposed by both the district’s administration of Lower and Upper Waziristan.
Accordingly, DSP Wana Circle Amin Wazir under the supervision of DPO Lower and Upper and SHO Shakai Israr Wazir and SHO Tiarza Abdul Shakoor Khan under the leadership of DSP Ladha Circle Hidayatullah took immediate action.
The fronts formed by both sides were evacuated, and a heavy police force was deployed.
After which negotiations were held with the tribal elders of both tribes and the elders of both tribes agreed to resolve the land dispute peacefully through Jirga.
FPO Lower Waziristan Farmanullah and DPO Upper Waziristan Malik Habib Khan said about this that no one is above the law, no one will be allowed to take the law into their hands and disturb peace and order under any circumstances.
The two clans have agreed to settle the dispute between the Spirkai and the Nanokhel through a traditional jirga.
It is a good thing that the danger of conflict and bloodshed has been averted, but heavy police force will be deployed all the time to maintain peace in the area.