Nafees Khalfan releases video of National Anthem tune


76th Independence Day
Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
An emerging musician from Karachi Nafees Kahalfan has released a video of the national anthem on his social media page in relation to the 76th independence day of Pakistan. The artist in the video can be seen playing the tune of country’s national anthem originally composed by Ahmed Ali Ghulam Ali Chagla on different instruments particularly drums and tambourine snare drum and handle-Gunghro (anklet).
The video has been created in a unique way and the tune of the anthem has been generated through the fusion of different instruments. Khalfan while talking to this correspondent pertaining to his initiative said that he wanted to pay homage to his beloved country in a distinct way and that led to creation of this video.
He said that Pakistan was founded after adamant efforts of Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other Muslim leaders who stood firm on their demand for a separate homeland and eventually succeeded on 14th August 1947.
Born in Karachi Nafees Khalfan has received his early education from St Lawrence School. Since his father and elder brother were part of a well-known Shia Ismaili Pipe Band of Karachi he saw his elders playing instruments at home that further fueled his ambition of becoming a musician.
Following in the footsteps of his father he also joined a group of a community orchestra where he learned to play musical instruments but his special concentration was on playing drums and with persistent practice and guidance of his mentors he gained expertise in playing drums.
While sharing his sweet childhood memories with this ascribe Nafees says; “My unfettered attachment with musical instruments took me to the group of my school band St Lawrence School Band, where I got a chance to shape and burnish my skills as a young musician under the supervision of skilled trainers who worked really hard with me”.
Adding that in 2011 he professionally started playing drums under the aegis of Shia Ismaili Orchestra group. Nafees launched his own music group, Taalkaari Drum Circle last year that gained fame across the province.
The famous singer has so far performed as a drummer with renowned singers of the country including Natasha Baig, Umair Jaiswal, Saif Samejo, Zohaib Haasan and Atif Aslam at different concerts, Television shows across the country and abroad.
Emerging musician revealed that he had his Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration but following his inclination towards music he did his masters in media and mass communication.
Launching drum circles across the country and giving musical therapy to people suffering from different psychological disorders are among his major contributions, besides he has trained 2500 musicians across the country including northern areas. Other artists who featured in the video include Rehan Essani, Arshiya Imran and Abid Ali.