Peshawar Dental College Celebrates White coat ceremony


Dental College (PDC) hosted its prestigious White Coat Ceremony, a significant event attended by esteemed figures in the medical field, dedicated faculty members, enthusiastic students, and proud parents.
The event featured key personalities, including CEO Dr. Iftikhar Husain, Prof. Dr. Hafeez ur Rahman ,Dean, PMC, Prof. Dr. Saeed Anwar Executive Director, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aman Khan ,Principal, PMC, and Prof. Dr. Shamim Akhtar ,Principal, PDC. Dr. Saba Siraj skillfully managed the proceedings as the stage secretary.
Addressing the audience, Prof. Dr. Hafeez ur Rahman extended heartfelt congratulations to the students, commending their achievement in gaining admission to the esteemed dental profession. He emphasized the importance of cultivating a positive attitude of gratitude, professional competence, ethical values, and a profound love for learning while maintaining respect for teachers.
Prof. Dr. Shamim Akhtar highlighted PDC’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities and attitudinal training to produce well-mannered doctors. The ceremony also witnessed Dr. Nasiha Mottahir administering the oath to the budding dentists.
During the ceremony, Dr. Moshayyada Durani, Dr. Laleena, Dr. Mah Noor Fatima, Dr. Gulsanga Shams and Dr. Ayesha Tahir shared their experiences and memories with the audience.
The White Coat Ceremony not only marked a significant milestone in the academic journey of the students but also underscored PDC’s dedication to nurturing skilled and compassionate professionals in the field of dentistry.