Peshawar won the wrestling championship


Punjab got the second position and Khyber got the third position
Peshawar won the wrestling championship organized by Directorate of Sports Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Provincial Wrestling Association. Along with it, admin officer Irshad Khan, organizing secretary of the event Zahidullah, Namatullah and Inayatullah and other personalities were present.
According to the results, Peshawar Wrestling Club won the first position with 85 points by winning six gold and five silver medals, Punjab won four gold and five silver medals and came second with 65 points, while Khyber District won two gold, three silver and five browns.
Won third position with 55 points, Noman of Peshawar won gold in 54 kg weight, Aslam of Punjab won silver medal, Adnan of Peshawar Wrestling Club won gold in 57 kg weight, Sajjad of Punjab won silver medal, Khyber K Atif won the Browns, 61 k In the log weight competitions, Irfan of Punjab won gold, Saeed of Peshawar won silver and Salman of Khyber won bronze.
Tawheed won gold, Karamat of Punjab won silver and Saud of Khyber won browns medal. Speaking to the media on this occasion, Deputy Director of Sports Operations Jamshed Baloch said that Provincial Secretary Sports Captain (R) Mushtaq Ahmed ‘D.
These competitions were organized under the instructions of G Sports Khalid Khan, Director of Sports Operations, Azizullah Jan, in which famous wrestlers from KP and Punjab participated.
He has won numerous national and international medals in this regard, while talking to the media, Zahid wrestlers also said that this is the best initiative by DG Sports to show the wrestlers of Punjab and KP their best skills.
They will get opportunities and along with that they will also get opportunities to go ahead and they will come They will also be able to prepare for the competitions. He hoped that such events will continue in the future.