Politicians face consequences of actions: Faiq


Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has said whatever happened currently with politicians, was consequences of their actions.
Politicians are reaping what they have sown, Shah says while talking to reporters here on Saturday.
He said polarized politics is tearing Pakistan apart and its economy is on the brink.
Politics of revenge and personality have pushed the country toward destruction, he added.
Shah called the current situation as consequences of politicians’ actions.
He maintained history repeat itself in the country with the arrest of deposed prime minister Imran Khan.
Aftermath of the arson of public properties, attacking military installations and riots, he said several many notable political figures, friends and associates quit the Imran Khan’s party.
Faiq was of the view that whatever was happening and political ‘Tug of war’, is aimed at diverting attention from real issues.
He said people have become prime victims of the current ‘Confrontation’ between the incumbent unity government and opposition.
He castigated the coalition government for its failure to eliminate spiraling ‘price-hike’, joblessness and public issues.
The ATP chairman criticized incumbent rulers who have also added miseries of the poor masses instead of giving any relief to them.
Furthermore, he said ‘bread’ and ‘butter’ have been snatched from people.
Shah went on to say that prices of essential commodities exceed the purchasing power of the common man.
He said the situation is getting from bad to worse with each passing day.
He said it was a dire need of hour to demonstrate maximum patience, restraint, tolerance and forge unity among political parties to pull the country out of the prevailing crisis situations.
Faiq said his party is ready to give a house to house survey, because we stand for public justice and will go to every forum for resolution of people’s issues.
He viewed institutions which were set up for public service have been engaged in politics.
He said the whole system has been caught up in politics and tug of war.
He said impartial circles should come forward and play a role in resolving public issues, otherwise, he said people will be compelled to come out for their rights.