SC accepts bail plea of mother, rejects bail plea of father of main accused Zahir Jaffer


Noor Mukadam murder case
Supreme Court (SC) has accepted bail plea of Asmat Adam., mother of Zahir Jaffer,main accused in Noor Mukadam murder case against surety bonds in the sum of Rs 10 lac and rejected bail plea of Zakir Jaffer, father of accused .
A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Umar Ata Bandial took up for hearing bail pleas Monday.
Khawaja Haris, counsel for the accused took the plea during the hearing of the case that both the petitioners are not prime accused. These two are charged with concealing the murder and non informing the police. The statement of the accused with regard to concealing the murder and call record are evidence. The accused remained in contact with his father from 6.45 PM to 9 pm night . There are no evidence available that mother had talked to her son.
Justice Qazi Amin remarked we can not abolish case of the prosecution by giving our opinion in bail case.
Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked this is a heinous murder and attempt was made to hide it. May be father was saying in the calls to his son to murder . This may be too possible he was stopping him from murdering. If we accept that murder was in the knowledge of mother, she could not stop it while sitting in Karachi.
Khawaja Haris, counsel for the accused argued it may be possible that the son was not speaking truth to his father.
Justice Mansooor Ali Shah raised question on the occasion that was medical test got conducted to assess the mental condition of the accused.
Shah Khawar, counsel for petitioner told the court the drugs test of the accused was only got conducted. No test was conducted to assess the mental condition of the accused. The role of both father and mother is role of facilitators.
Justice Qazi Amin remarked on the occasion if the accused refuses then the mental condition is not seen. The question of mental condition arises when he pleads guilty. .The attitude of the accused is seen after the case.
Justice Mansoor Ali Shah raised the question tell us where the trial stands now.
Advocate General Islamabad told the court the accused have been indicted. There is directive too for completing the trial within 8 weeks. The record of 11 calls of mother is available.
Khawaja Haris, counsel for parents of major accused told the court the mother of the accused made two calls to guard.
Justice Umar Ata Bandial remarked apparently no evidence are there on involvement of mother in the crime. We will review why it was asked to conduct therapy instead of calling police.
The court while accepting bail plea of Asmat Adam, mother of the main accused against surety bonds of Rs 10 lac rejected the bail plea of his father.
The court remarked role of mother of the main accused in Noor Mukadam murder case is secondary. SC will not interfere in the decision of high court regarding trial.
The court while rejecting the plea of the counsel for the accused for suspending the high court decision directed the trial court to give full right to the accused of transparent trial.
The court upheld Islamabad High Court decision for completing the trial within two months.