Security Forces established hospital in Meherban Kalay,


In May 2022, Security Forces established a permanent container hospital in Meherban Kalay, ​​Khyber tribal district to ensure health facilities to the locals.
The hospital is established on the name of Shaheed soldier Memzar of Frontier Corps North who was martyred while fighting bravely against the terrorists. With the establishment of the hospital, basic health facilities have become permanently available to the people of Meherban Kalay and other suburbs. Due to the facilities available in the hospital, the people of the area do not have to go to the cities.
The hospital has two doctors, one medical technician and medical staff to provide medicines to the patients on daily basis. Along with this, Memzar Shaheed Hospital has an OPD, a trauma center and an emergency delivery room for women. For the first time in the history of the area, three infants are born in this hospital.
Apart from this, about two hundred patients from different areas are being checked up on daily basis. The people of the area are grateful to Frontier Corps North for establishing the hospital. People express their views and said that the steps taken by the security forces to provide health facilities to locals will always be remembered.