Sonam Kapoor says too many costume designers on Blind, The Zoya Factor was ‘the problem’


Sonam Kapoor has said that a lack of synergy between the costumes for the lead actor (herself) and others in the film was a problem.
Sonam Kapoor has said that a lack of synergy between the clothes that she wore and other actors in her recent films Blind and The Zoya Factor wore, was a problem. She was speaking about the evolution of costume designing, in the presence of Bhanu Athaiya, in Mumbai.

Sonam Kapoor attends an event announcing the new edition of the ‘Mumbai Film Festival’ in Mumbai.

Having too many designers is like having two directors
“I don’t agree with having too many costume designers on a film. It’s like having three DoPs and two directors on a film. These are HODs we’re talking about. An HOD should be an HOD. There shouldn’t be five HODs on a film set. Now that might be a controversial statement (laughs),” Sonam said.
‘Problem with’ Blind, The Zoya Factor
She also recalled that she got to work with the film’s costume designer on Aisha, Raanjhana, and Delhi 6, adding that she is more comfortable with working with one designer on a film. “Now, there’s a new trend that there will be one costume designer to design for the leads and there will be another designer who will work for the background artists. In these cases, there’s never a synergy between the two. In my last two films, we had that problem,” she said.
Sonam’s last two films were Blind and The Zoya Factor. Sonam also said that she understands having separate designers when she is part of a big film where stars have their own designers to work with. She named Salman Khan’s Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo.
Why Sonam wears dramatic clothes on red carpet
She also said that she is known for her clothes, but every director wants her to wear simple simple clothes, salwar kameez and no make-up looks. She added that she has never done a dramatic film that required her to wear jewellery and Indian clothes. She also said that her dream is to do a period role one day, adding that that is the reason she wears dramatic costumes at the red carpet.