Tents provides to schools in Bara


Interim Provincial Minister for relief and rehabilitation Taj Muhammad Afridi granted ten tents to the government-run schools in Bara here on last day.
It is worth mentioning here that many schools had been demolished in militancy in Bara and after restoration of peace the education department opened schools temporarily in tents structure.
However last week torrential downpour and storm destroyed a number of tents that compelled the students to sit under an open sky in scorching heat.
Taking notice of the misery of the local learners during his visit to one of the education institutions in Bara last day, the Provincial Minister on an emergency basis supplied them tents to provide them temporary shelter.
According to the personal secretary of the Minister Abdul Wahid six tents were given away to Government High School Alam Godar, two tents to Government high schools Baz Gara while one tents each were handed over to Government Primary School Khan Zayrat Kamar Khel and Government Girls Primary School Ameen Khan Kalley,Malikdin Khel.
Government High School Alam Godar that was set up in 1913 has badly suffered in militancy and presently more than 900 students are studying in the damaged building and artificial tents structure.
Teachers and parents thanked the Minister for his generous contribution to the noble cause. They also demanded of the authorities concerned to construct the blown up schools in Bara and provide all necessary facilities to the local students.
As per the education department more 150 schools have been demolished in militancy in the last two decades.