Transparent, fair polls and impartial crucial for the country: Faiq


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party emphasized it is time to bring change in politics of Pakistan.
New parties and manifesto are the alternate solution of the current crisis, he added. Shah while talking to a group of reporters here on Sunday called for fair and transparent election and provision of level playing field for all political parties in election.
“we are trying to ensure public authority, justice and facilities to people at their doorstep.
We believe that masses set the course.
When they decide, everyone has to accept the people’s decision. This is our strategy, they have their own.”
The ATP chief said that some people have a misconception that the winds are in their favour.
He stressed the need for identifying the mistakes made in the past and correcting the same so that the country could move forward.
He stressed people and youth to come forward and support them to bring true public representative government through a democratic way.
The ATP chief added those who were deceived with the slogan of Roti, Kapra and Makan and change and other ways must be rejected with power of public vote.
Shah said leadership should be given to youth and competent people as we don’t want to gain high offices.
He made it clear that people cannot anymore be deceived by empty and fake slogans and promises as they now well-knowledge and judge these faces as well.
The rulers have snatched all rights and facilities and remained busy in protection of their vested interests, assets and survival in politics and gaining power for another term, Shah observed.
He maintained everyone came in power and looted national wealth and used power for personal business and interests then imposed self-exile.
This way of politics will not run anymore, he said, asking former and present rulers to get ready as the day of justice is right around the corner.
Faiq said his party has brought a holistic manifesto and roadmap which can steer the country out from the crisis, and eliminate corruption, culture of favoritism and nepotism and all decisions would be made jointly and people will avail health, education and other facilities.