3.5m lose over France migration dreams


Police bribed Rs 2,40,000 according to victims, complaint filed to Income Tax Commissioner Rawalpindi on 10th of July
Ali Bhai Kamran
A deal to acquire French visa was set for Rs 2 million and instead Rs 3.5 million were
Paid, the plaintiffs complained at Sadiqabad police station and police registered FIR without getting proof of payment. As the police was bribed Rs 2, 40,000 according to the sources. Interestingly all the three plaintiffs who complained to police and paid Rs 3.5 million are non tax payers. They did not have white money to spend.
The Two of the complainants are jobless the third complainant a Taylor who cannot have this huge amount to throw. A complaint have been filed to Income Tax Commissioner Rawalpindi on 10th of July and is being requested to send summons to all the three complainants.
The FIR records that in January 2016 a DSP OF Lahore along with a journalist came to the home of the\ plaintiffs and were paid Rs 3.5 million.
The FIR and the CHALAN reads that the person calling himself DSP was a lie he was not DSP and similarly the person who called himself journalist was not a journalist.
The complaint to Income Tax commissioner have been made by the senior journalist who is defendant in the case number 1200 with FIR 420 , 170 and 171 registered against him and the so called DSP.
The journalist talking with lead said he met with the three plaintiffs 2 sons and their father who is a tailor first time on January 12/2017 while he was in lock up with the police at Chowki Ashraf town police station Sadiqbad , he never took a single paisa from the plaintiffs.
He said as he met with the 3 plaintiffs for first time in year 2017 so plaintiffs claim that they paid him when he visit their home in year 2016 is exclusively wrong.
The first hearing date for this case was held on February 26 2017 at Judge Zeeshan Rana court he Said the same to the judge. Wanted the judge to talk with the plaintiffs they should prove that they paid Him a single paisa. Judge said in the next hearing date of APRIL 5 2017.
On April 5 the judge was changed he talked it the new judge Ashraf Sami as well the plaintiffs or any of Their attorney did not show up in the court hearing. On the third court hearing of May 15/2017 he showed the judge the Supreme Court ruling which illustrates if the plaintiff misses three consecutive court hearings the case is dismissed. He also submitted 249 Application to the judge to dismiss the case.
Then on June 14 hearing date the plaintiffs did not show up in the court the journalist said to judge to Issue bail able or non bail able warrants of the plaintiffs so as the police arrest them bring them to the Court for court proceedings.
Now journalist is waiting for the hearing at the income tax commissioner office.
Journalist said he is obliged that Lead Pakistan has helped in summarizing his voice.