Conferences held to promote peace, unity in society


A day-long National Youth Conference was held at Chitral University under the Pegham e Pakistan program the other day.
The ceremony was presided over by Dr. Zahir Shah, Vice Chancellor University of Chitral. The conference was attended by a large number of male and female students as well as social workers. Professors from Hazara and University of Peshawar spoke on the occasion.
The speakers urged the youth to work hard with unity for the development of the country by setting aside their grievances and differences to save the society from division in different segments.
A similar one-day conference was also held at the Town Hall for lawyers and public representatives.
The main objective of the conference was to promote peace and order in the country and to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, love and affection so that we do not allow this great fortress of the Muslim Ummah to be weakened by internal issues.
Dr. Mehman, Dr. Abdul Rehman Khalil, Mohammad Israr Madani, Mohammad Kashif Irshad and Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah spoke on the occasion. A large number of people participated in the event while the well-known social activist and poet Inayatullah enthralled the audience through his poems.