our correspondent
Ijaz Shaheed Police Lines Dera Ismail Khan Monday conducting Counter Terrorism Practices (CTP) including the operational operations of the mock drills, led by DPO Capt (retd) Hafiz Wahid Mahmood.
The exercises are aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the police and a series of practical exercises aimed at enhancing the professionalism of the police personnel and ensuring protection of lives, property and public and private property in case of any possible mishap are being conducted by the police and elite force.
Officials from other agencies are also participating in the exercises. In this regard, a mock exercise was conducted in Ijaz Shaheed Police Lines to thwart the terrorist attack in a fully defensive manner in which the police and elite force personnel gave a practical demonstration to counter the attackers and get the hostages out safely.
During the mock exercise, the police used force against the insurgents and arrested them, as well as rehearsing with the police to provide immediate medical aid to those injured during the resistance and to protect themselves from the insurgents by presenting a practical demonstration of formations.
Police cordoned off the area during a mock exercise at St. John’s Vegetable Market and appropriate measures were taken to keep the local population safe under security measures and high alert security. District Police Chief Capt (retd) Hafiz Wahid Mahmood was overseeing all aspects of the mock police drills, while DSP Elite Force Yousuf Khan and Reserve Inspector of Police Lines commanded the operational squads for the counter-terrorism exercise.
The present District Chief took a close look at the practical operational performance of the police and elite force personnel participating in the mock counter-terrorism exercises, and paid tribute to their excellent professionalism and urged them to take more precautionary measures.
Regarding the objectives and usefulness of the practical exercises of the police force under the effective counter-terrorism and surveillance strategy in the district, DPO Dera Capt (retd) Hafiz Wahid Mahmood said that the lives, property and dignity of the people is sole object to protect at all cost and for this scores of sacrifices being rendered by our jawans by fighting terrorists with great bravery.
Security is the primary responsibility of the police while upholding the rule of law and the writ of the state is the vow of allegiance of the police force for which all energies will be utilized, the police force will better deal with the experience of terrorism and the challenges it faces.
The DPO urged the police personnel to utilize the experience gained in the mock drills to deal with any emergency situation for the betterment of the people and leave no stone unturned in achieving the desired goals on the basis of professionalism so that the evil elements do not get a chance to fulfill their nefarious intentions and peace prevails in the region.
He said that a series of practical exercises of the police personnel would be continued in the future to ensure full defense of the challenges faced so that their counter-capabilities could be further enhanced by better acquainting them with their professional experience.
At the end, the best performing police and elite force personnel in these exercises were awarded cash prizes and certificates of appreciation.