Pakistan has seen an alarming decline in the reading habits


Over the years, Pakistan has seen an alarming decline in the reading habits of its citizens.
The country, once famous for its rich literary heritage and thriving literary culture, is now facing a serious crisis in terms of reading books. The advent of technology, especially the widespread use of smart phones, has killed the habit of reading books.
These views were expressed by Waqar Ahmad, Registrar of Women’s University Swabi, while addressing the opening ceremony of the three-day book fair held at Women’s University Swabi. He said that the ease and accessibility of digital content has led to a shift from traditional print media to online platforms, social media, and instant messaging applications.
As a result, the younger generation, especially, has gradually moved away from reading. He said that Pakistan currently faces many educational challenges, including high illiteracy rates and lack of emphasis on reading in the education institutes. Reviving the culture of reading in Pakistan requires the collective efforts of various stakeholders including the government, educational institutions, parents and the society as a whole.