PM has sought NRO through tweet today: PML-N


ISLAMABAD, Jan 13 (Online): PML-N has said Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has sought NRO today throgh tweet.

This was said by PML-N leaders Maryam Nawaz and Musaddaq Malik in a joint press conference here Wednesday.

They said Imran Sahib it can not happen so that no one should talk of atta and sugar theft.

Broadsheet has given charge sheet against a dictator and against PM Imran Khan, they remarked. Broadsheet has blackened the face of retrogressive system in Pakistan.

They pointed out Musharraf paid Rs 600 crore to a private firm.The dictatordid this job after dethroning the elected PM. He paid Rs 600 crore that it should frame cases against Nawaz Sharif; If you have a bit moral courage then Broadhseet has given charge sheet agianst you and a dictator.

They held it was said that cases be framed against an elected PM. No reply will come in this regard in 72 years. Rs 6 billon were paid to a company which has been registered six months back.

They undelined a list was given that cases be framed against the political rivals. They got removed the name of their ministers from this list which was given to Broadsheet company. The fake compnay was hired.

They said no agreement exists with Broadsheet company at present to hold meeting with Shahzad Akbar.