Staying away from Islam is the biggest repentance of my life: Super Model Bella Hadid


Palestinian-American super model Bella Hadid has said staying away from Islam is the biggest repentance of her life.

“ I have been feeling since long that a piece of my body has misplaced any where. I consider myself extremely solitary. The big repentance of my life is that I was not brought up in Islamic environment. I remained in California after separation of my mother from my father since my childhood. I could not get opportunity to lead my life as per Islamic norms and learn Islamic teachings, she said this in an interview with US Magazine.

She went on to say that I remained away from Palestinian culture. I feel sorrow over it.

I was the only Arab girl in my class since my student life due to which I was subjected to racialism. I was called with racial name in my school. I faced bad attitude from my class fellows in my school. I used to feel my self isolated and sad in my school, she added.