Wildlife set free seized birds in Khyber


KHYBER: Approximately 300 birds of various species have been set free by the officials of the wildlife department, confiscated from people who illegally caged them here on last day. Waseem Kham wildlife officer district Khyber told media that that almost 300 beautiful birds have been disimprisoned at picnic point of Ghar Oba,Ali Masjid,district Khyber. He added that the birds had been seized when a local was selling it to a resident of Peshawar. Case has been registered against the alleged culprit and the birds have been set free, he remarked. He maintained that birds play an important role in the effective functioning of stabilizing climate, oxygenate air and transform pollutants into nutrients. He urged the locals to assist them to curb the unlawful hunting of birds and animals and to preserve endangered species of it in Khyber and elsewhere. Our Correspondent