No shortage of anti-rabies vaccine in Islamabad would be permitted: Ombudsman


Ombudsman takes notice of negligence in neutralizing of stray dogs and shortage of vaccine in Islamabad
The Federal Ombudsman, Syed Tahir Shahbaz by taking a cognizance in failing to neutralize the stray dogs by the Civic Agency of Islamabad and shortage of anti-rabies vaccine. In this context residents of different sectors of Islamabad also filed complaints before the Federal Ombudsman for not taking any action by Municipal Corporation Islamabad in neutralizing of stray dogs as it is a big threat for people.
They stated that number of people has bitten by these dogs but MCI is sleeping on this issue of public importance.
The Federal Ombudsman by taking action in the matter has constituted a high level committee under the headship of Secretary Wafaqi Mohtasib Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui to resolve the issue of public importance.
A special meeting was convened under the chair of Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui which was attended by Sr. Adviser Appraisal Mr. Ejaz A. Qureshi, Mr. Aftab Akbar Durrani, Additional Secretary, Sardar M. Ashfaq Khan, DG, Which was also attend by DG (CM) CDA Mr. Naveed Tareen, Director Sanitation MCI Mr. Fateh Mako, Mr. Abdul Haye Agha from IWMB and Dr. Umair Hassan Khan from National Institute of health.
In his opening remarks Mr. Shoaib Siddiqui said that due to inaction of both the agencies people are suffering, especially the people of low cost areas who cannot even afford the anti-rabies vaccine.
He said that media has also highlighted this issue of public importance number of times especially biting by stray dogs to children and Namazi in the morning but no action has been taken by the Civic Agency. He further said that it is a painful treatment but no strategy has so far been devised by the Civic Agency.
The representative of IWMB informed that the issue relates to MCI whereas their mandate is to protect wild life. The reps. of MCI and CDA admitted that neutralizing of stray dogs is the responsibility of MCI but still no policy has yet been formulated.
The Chairman by showing annoyance on this serious maladministration on the part of Civic Agency directed to take immediate action for neutralizing the stray dogs in a peaceful manner and with no element of cruelty. He also directed for submission of weekly report in the matter.
The rep. of NIH informed that they have shortage in provision of .3 million vaccine around the country but we can manage if we adopt the Intra Dermal method of vaccination, which need awareness at large scale.
The Chairman of the Committee passed direction to the Secretary Ministry of Health for provision of sufficient number of anti-rabies vaccine in all hospitals of Islamabad and creation of awareness at large scale for using Intra Dermal method of vaccination among masses.